Preparing Students for Financial Success in the Global Economy

AIMCo Foundation and Junior Achievement Form Impactful Partnership to Support Financial Literacy


Junior Achievement (JA) is one of the organizations that received funding last year from The AIMCo Foundation. JA inspires and prepares young people to succeed in the global economy. According to Janice Krissa-Moore, Senior VP, Development for the Northern Alberta and NWT Chapter, creating financial literacy programs has tremendous benefits.


“The earlier students learn how to manage money, the greater their chances of life-long financial success,” she says. “Support from donors like the AIMCo Foundation for Financial Education makes it possible for us to implement our programs — our impact is a partnership, and we are so grateful.”


The AIMCo Foundation directly supports JA’s work through our granting program. Last year’s grant helped 1,400 students through JA’s Dollars and Sense program. It’s important we continue as demand for financial literacy education is increasing. In 2021, The AIMCo Foundation attracted a record number of grant applications which exceeded our funding supply by nearly 50 per cent. To ensure no funding application goes unfulfilled, this year our goal is raise $400,000 — we’re currently at $232,000.


Hearing from people who benefit from our funding is the best way see our impact. One JA, Northern Alberta student summed up the experience of participating in the program.


“I was able to gain financial skills, which I believe is so important for the future. Being able to handle money and how to buy efficiently has definitely had a huge impact on me.”




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