Mission Critical


2020 at a Glance

The year 2020 forced us all into new ways of living, thinking and understanding. As we came to grips with a global pandemic, it was impossible to ignore that the most vulnerable in our communities would be the hardest hit.

As a consequence, the need for the AIMCo Foundation for Financial Education is greater than ever.

Community Support

The AIMCo Foundation provided nearly $170,000 in grants to community programs in 2020. Recipients included ABC Head Start Society, Junior Achievement, Momentum and United Way. All four organizations offer valuable financial literacy programs and services to help Albertans make lasting changes in their lives.


Community Connection

As the pandemic set in, our volunteers reached out to organizations we’d helped in the past and asked two questions — how are you coping and how can we help? In one instance, we were able to assist by donating refurbished laptops. The non-profit organization on the receiving end had selflessly dismantled its own computer lab, giving away its technology to families thrust into the world of online school and work.



In 2020, the Foundation provided $64,000 in scholarships to students at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. The funds supported more than 20 students pursuing formal education in a finance-related discipline. Our scholarships range from certificate and undergraduate degree programs all the way up to MBA and PhD levels, meaning we can make an impact on a broad spectrum of students.



The AIMCo Foundation is grateful for the generous donations provided by our donors. Our commitment to them is transparency. Donors will always know exactly where their money goes and the impact it has. Once a year, we will publish a report detailing exactly that.

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