A Million to Give


2021 at a Glance

A record year for fundraising pushed us past the million-dollar milestone.


Bringing in more than $1 million in four years is a point of pride for our donors and volunteers, but what matters more is the impact that money will have.   

Community Support

The AIMCo Foundation provided $212,000 in grants to community programs in 2021. Bissell Centre, Bow Valley College, Momentum, Junior Achievement, Wellspring Edmonton and United Way each had their own unique way of delivering financial literacy programming and support to Albertans. 


High Demand for Help

Despite our fundraising success, the reality is that the need continues to outpace our funds. In 2021, the request for support was double what we were able to provide as increased awareness brought new organizations to our door.



In 2021, the AIMCo Foundation was able to support students at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, MacEwan University and SAIT with $66,000 in scholarships. These students are pursuing a formal education in a finance-related discipline.


Our scholarships range from certificate and undergraduate degree programs all the way up to MBA and PhD levels, meaning we can make an impact on the broadest spectrum of students and learning. 



The AIMCo Foundation is grateful for the generosity of our donors. Our commitment to them is transparency. Donors will always know exactly where their money goes and the impact it has. Once a year, we will publish a report detailing exactly that.

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